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Video Wall

Cynulleidfa Tocyn i Ble

Agor Drysa'

Tocyn i Ble?
A promenade performance at Bangor University Library

Scwtyr Sombies glas o (uffern) Sgubs / Scooter Zombies from (hell) Sgubs

Cofis Bach Here and There 2014

Cofis Bach... At the Archives
Here’s a collection of photographs taken to record the art and history project held by Cofis Bach and Caernarfon Archives in 2013/14. The scheme was supported by CyMAL and Gwynedd County Council.



Y Sociopath


Cofis Bach


Hanes Cymru gyda Chofis Bach / The History of Wales with Cofis Bach


Black Umfolosi


Cofi Syrcas – Troi a Throi / Turning and Turning

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Sara Saim


Menyg Anlwcus / Unlucky gloves


Cofi Opera - O Flaen Dy Lygaid


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